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Page history last edited by Steph Isaac 2 weeks, 2 days ago

March 20-24

Tuesday:  Yoga

Wednesday:  1:00 dismissal

CKLA: U6 wrap up Contemporary Fiction / begin U7 American Revolution

Math:  Module 13 Geometry: Lines, Rays, and Angles

Fluency:  Weathering and Erosion

Cursive:  Hh

Character Strong:  Cooperation

Science:  weathering and erosion, fossils

Social Studies:  Author's Purpose Gold Fever and Protecting Our Land



March 13-17 

No School Spring Break


March 6-10

Read Across America Week: Dress up days each day.

Monday:  potato characters due no later than Wednesday

Tuesday:  HS boys basketball play at state

Wednesday:  1:00 dismissal

Thursday:  Shannon kids coming to read with us

Daylight Saving Time this weekend (spring ahead)

Spring Break March 13-17 No School 


Reading/CKLA:  Similes, metaphors, idioms, personification, pronouns

Math:  wrap up decimals to tenths and hundredths

begin Geometry:  lines, rays, and angles

Science:  Weathering and Erosion

Fluency: Rock Cycle

Cursive:  capital and lower case Gg

Character Strong:  Cooperation

Scholastic News: Escape from Ukraine (main idea) Tik Tok (author's purpose)


4th grade families:


Snow pants will be coming home this week.  Our north playground will remain very wet and muddy for most of the spring season.  Students will need to have boots or an extra pair of old shoes to wear at recess.  Dressing in layers is recommended.  4th graders could begin wearing a lighter weight jacket or long sleeve sweatshirt for recess as we transition to warmer temperatures.  If we have significant snow, we may need students to bring winter gear back to school.  We're hoping that doesn't happen!   



The 4th grade teaching team





February 27-March 3

Monday: Classroom Counseling with Ms. Bogacz

Thursday: FFA Build-A-Burger rescheduled


CKLA / Reading:  End of Unit Assessment / Middle of the Year Assessments 

begin Unit 6 Contemporary Fiction

Math:  wrap up Module 12 Fractions to Decimals, introduce M13 Use Fractions to Understand Angles

Fluency:  Volcanoes

Cursvie:  capital and lowercase Ff

Character Strong:  Honesty / Cooperation

Science: Geology continues / type rock paragraph

Social Studies:  Transportation on Seesaw / impact of the Transcontinental Railroad


February 20-24

Wednesday 1:00 dismissal

Thursday FFA Build-A-Burger


CKLA / Reading:  wrap up Unit 5 Geology

Comprehension, grammar, morphology 

Math:  wrap up Module 12 Fractions to Decimals, introduce M13 Use Fractions to Understand Angles

Fluency:  Hot Springs

Cursvie:  capital and lowercase Ee

Character Strong:  Honesty

Social Studies:  Transportation on Seesaw


February 13-17

MAP make-up tests

Tuesday:  yoga and Valentine's Day

Wednesday:  National School Resource Officer Day

Thursday: Classroom Counseling with Ms. Bogacz


Reading CKLA: Geology / weathering and erosion, mountain formations, under the sea

Math:  Module 11 test over equivalent fractions, begin Module 12 Relate Fractions and Decimals

Fluency:  Geysers

Cursive:  capital and lower case Dd

Character Strong:  February is honesty

Science:  Changing Earth: rock formations, the 3 types of rock (sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic), and the rock cycle

Social Studies:  Transportation  Westward expansion, horseback vs Conestoga wagons

Month of February book log on Seesaw


Optional activities on Seesaw:

The Learning Pit: what are your strategies when things are difficult? 

February is Black History Month: activities and information about famous African Americans

Volcanoes Around the World


February 6-10

MAP testing every morning this week

School Counselor Week

Thursday:  school cancelled due to weather


Reading CKLA: Geology

Math:  Equivalent fractions and mixed number practice

Fluency:  Transportation

Cursive:  capital and lower case Cc

Character Strong:  February is honesty

Science:  Changing Earth: rock formations, the 3 types of rock (sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic), and the rock cycle


January 30-February 3

Reminder:  Camp Courageous swimming lessons begin for those signed up

MAP testing begins February 6

Wednesday:  1:00 dismissal


Reading CKLA:  Geology

Math:  Fractions

Fluency:  Tectonic Plates

Cursive:  review and practice Bb

Science:  Changing Earth

Social Studies:  Transportation



Next Year's School Calendar 2023-2024


January 23-27

Wednesday: 1:00 Dismissal 

Friday:  Shannon students visiting to read 


Reading and Science:  U5 Geology

Earth's layers, tectonic plates, earthquakes and tsunamis

Skills:  similes


Math:  Fractions


Fluency:  Weather Alerts


Social Studies:  History of Transportation activity #1 on Seesaw (whole class: review the timeline and read a book from EPIC)



January 16 - 20, 2023

FAST Winter Screening continues this week

Progress monitoring 

Monday, January 16 No School, professional development 

Wednesday is a FULL day.

Some groups may have classroom counseling. 


Reading CKLA: inventions


Math: Module 10 Factors, prime and composite numbers, number patterns

 Cursive:  review and practice capital and lower case Aa

Fluency:  Rocks


Social Studies: scarcity, the supply chain, transportation delays that impact scarcity of products and cost.


Science: (continued)

Unit: Changing Earth Priority Standards:

  • 4.ESS.1.1 Identify evidence from patterns in rock formations and fossils in rock layers to support an explanation for changes in a landscape over time.

  • 4.ESS.2.1 Make observations and/or measurements to provide evidence of the effects of weathering or the rate of erosion by water, ice, wind, or vegetation.  

  • 4.ESS.3.1 Obtain and combine information to describe that energy and fuels are derived from natural resources and their uses affect the environment.

This Week: Lesson 1, Investigation B (no priority standards)

How is Earth Divided into Plates? Puzzle (Student Investigation Sheet 1B) 

*If time: Show the 1C teacher sheet of the Plate Boundaries World Map (but skip 1C


January 9-13

Tuesday: yoga

Wednesday:  1:00 dismissal

FAST winter screener begins this week

CKLA:  Inventors (this week's focus is on collaboration, pitch, and research)

Math:  Finish module 9 area, begin module 10 factors (Algebraic Thinking: Number Theory)

Fluency:  Interventions

Cursive:  capital G and S

Science:  Changing Earth / plates 

Social Studies:  scarcity / supply and demand


January 2-6

No school on Monday and Tuesday, snow day Wednesday, late start Thursday

Reading: Inventions

Math: area

Social Studies: interpreting data from a timeline

Fluency:  New Year

Cursive:  capital I and J



Week of December 12-21

Monday:  Mrs. Isaac will be absent

Wednesday:  1:00 dismissal 

Have a wonderful winter break!  I'll see you in 2023


CKLA/ Reading:  poetry

Math:  multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers

Fluency:  'Twas the Night Before Christmas / The Grinch 

Cursive:  capital M, N / capital U, V, W, Y

Character Strong:  empathy

Science:  wrap up structures

Social Studies:  wrap up supply and demand / scarcity

Scholastic News


Week of December 5-9

Christmas Program Tuesday

Squid Dissection


CKLA Reading:  poetry

Math:  Multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers

Fluency:  Squid

Cursive: capital O, F, T

Character Strong:  Empathy

Social Studies:  Rising Prices (supply and demand / scarcity / interpreting data from a graph)

Science: Squid dissection, wrap up structures


Week of November 28-December 2

Review PBIS Expectations

Dissect owl pellets

Classroom Counseling 


CKLA Reading:  Poetry


Fluency:  Line breaks and stanzas in poetry

Cursive: capital C, E, and A

Character Strong: wrap up gratitude and begin empathy

Social Studies:  Supply and Demand

Science:  Owl Pellets, opinion of what the owl has eaten with evidence from the lab



Week of November 14-22

American Education Week

Classroom Counseling

Thankful Party on November 22


CKLA Reading

L22 The Classical Age

L23 The Crusades

L24 Features of a Fable

L25 End of Unit 2 Assessment

Pausing Point 1 Content Assessment

Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving:  Pausing Points and Enrichment


Math:  Division 

Practice, reteaching, and assessments


Fluency:  Owl Pellets and Thanksgiving

Cursive:  page 27-28 capital letters P, R, B. H, K and then Thanksgiving cursive 

Science: Animal Structure:  Literacy article over standard 4LS.1.2 for Living Science

Social Studies: Scholastic News



Week of November 7 - 11, 2022

Yoga / Mindfulness with Ms. Bridget - Tuesday

Lockdown drill - 11 AM on Tuesday

1:00 Early Dismissal - Wednesday

Veteran’s Day - Friday


Reading (CKLA) U2 part 2 Empires in the Middle Ages

The Birth of a New Religion

Muhammad's Early Life

Battle of Yarmouk

A Civil War

Writing historical fiction


Science:  Animal Structures

Math:  Division

Social Studies:  Veteran's Day this week

Fluency: Seesaw The Central Nervous System

Cursive: pages 22-23 m, n, v, x, y, z

Character Strong:  November is Gratitude




Week of October 31 - November 4, 2022

Virtual Middle Ages presentation in music room - Monday

1:00 Early Dismissal - Wednesday

Picture Retakes / Tornado Drill @ 1:30 - Friday


Reading:  (CKLA)  

Mid-Unit Assessment: Early Castles in England and France, Harry’s Life, Grammar, Morphology, Content Assessment, Nouns and Adjectives, Adverbs and Adverbs, Subjects and Predicates, Prefixes un-, non-, en-, Root arch

Idioms / Seesaw activity for Reading standard (tie in to CKLA Henry II ‘Ruled with an iron fist’)

Lesson 15 Mid-Unit Assessment

Unit 2 Part 2: 

Introduction to the Islamic Empire

The Birth of a New Religion


Language:  idioms



Begin introduction of division


Social Studies: 

Middle Ages Social Studies with CKLA Unit 2 

On Seesaw SS4.11 Describe how scarcity requires a person to make a choice and identify costs associated with that. hoice.  


Fluency: The Brain

Cursive: pages 20-21 fill in the blank, practice

Character Strong:  November is Gratitude



Week of October 24-28

Monday:  Book Fair

Tuesday / Thursday:  conferences

Friday:  no school


Reading: (CKLA)

Empires in the Middle Ages (Part 1)

King Henry II 

Magna Carta   

begin Mid-Unit Assessment  


Math:  multiplication of 2 digit, 3 digit, and 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number.


Science: Using the Senses

Why are the senses important?  How is information processed?


Social Studies: Middle Ages SS4.10 Describe how societies have changed.  


Fluency: The Sense of Things (senses and poetry)


Cursive: pages 18-19 more practice with b, e, f, h, k


Character Strong:  Responsibility / November is Gratitude


Week of October 17-21

Conferences are one week away.

Wednesday: Bus evacuation,  1:00 dismissal  

Thursday:  2:00 dismissal for District XC at high school 


Reading:  CKLA  / Positive aspects in the Middle Ages / King Henry II

Math:  multiplication 2 digit, 3 digit, and 4 digit by 1 digit

Social Studies: scarcity during the Middle Ages

Science: animal structures

Fluency: bones

Cursive: b, e, f, h, and k

Character Strong:  Responsibility


Week of October 10-14

Yoga/Mindfulness Session on Tuesday (Ms. Bridget)

Tornado Drill at 1:30 PM on Tuesday

Fire Prevention Week

National School Lunch Week

Wednesday: 1:00 dismissal

Thursday:  Field trip to symphony and University of Dubuque

Friday:  Firefighter Visit 


Reading: (CKLA)

Empires in the Middle Ages : serfs, lords, knights, monks, nuns

Math:  multiplication


Social Studies:  Middle Ages / SS4.24 Develop a claim about the past and cite evidence to support it. 



  • Investigation A: Can you Sort the Structures? (Survival, Growth, Reproduction)

  • Investigation B: Will Seeds Grow Inside a Plastic Bag?


Fluency:  Seed Needs

Cursive:  pages 14-15 practice

Character Strong: Responsibility


October 3-7

Reading:  CKLA U2 The Middle Ages

Lords and Serfs, Knights and Castles, Towns in the Middle Ages


Math:  Module 4 Mental Math and Estimation Strategies

Multiplication and division patterns, estimate products and quotients, mental math strategies for multiplication and division.


Fluency:  Seeds

Cursive:  practice

Science:  seed lab, investigation


September 26-30

Homecoming Week

Reading (CKLA): Beginning Of Year Assessment

Day 1 Reading Comprehension

Day 2Grammar 

Words in Isolation 1 on 1 during the Grammar test

           Fluency  The Elephant and the Ape

Day 3  Morphology Assessment 

Continue Words in Isolation and Fluency

Use remainder of the week to complete the BOY


Cursive: pages 10-11 p, r, s, w


Fluency:  multisyllabic final e


Math:  Module 3 Multiplicative, Additive, and MultiStep multiplication and division


September 19-23

MAP testing 

Monday and Tuesday:  9:05-10:25 reading

Thursday and Friday:  9:05-10:25 math


Reading (CKLA): Pause Points,  BOY (beginning of the year assessment after unit 1)

Cursive:  pages 8-9 practice

Fluency:   Hurricanes

Math:  addition and subtraction summative

Science:  plant and animal structures


September 12-16

Friday:  field trip to the Dubuque Arboretum

Next week:  MAP testing 

CKLA: complete your final draft copy of your personal narrative.  

Math:  addition and subtraction of large numbers 

Fluency:  Emperor Penguin (animal structures)

Science:  plant and animal structures

Cursive:  i, j, l, t, u

Character Strong:  respect


September 5-9

No School on Monday


CKLA:  character traits, personal memories, writing introductory and closing sentences, similes and metaphors, using sensory details in writing, cause and effect, verbs, reading for details, and revising details in writing


Math:  Addition and subtraction of large numbers that requires renaming and regrouping.  

Fluency:  compound words

Science: parts of a flower

Social Studies: Scholastic News, current events

Cursive: a, c, d, g, o, q

Character Strong: respect 


August 29-September 2

No School on September 5



CKLA: outlining and organizing events when retelling memories

dialogue and punctuating

chronological order and transition words

supporting sentences, feelings and details 1st hand and second hand accounts

personal memories and character traits review


Science:  structures, senses

Character Strong:  September is Respect

Cursive: capital and lower case letter review

Social Studies: Scholastic News current events, the 50 states

Fluency:  Carnivorous Plants


Math: Place Value

compare and order numbers, regroup and rename, round numbers, adding and subtracting


August 23-26

The first week of school. 

Reading:  Personal narrative, focus on introductory sentences and concluding sentences for paragraphs, character traits, adjectives, vocab 

Math:  Place value of whole numbers

Fluency (daily):  Tortoise and Hare

Science:  Structures (internal and external) of plants and animals

August/September Character Strong:  Respect


Classroom Calendar for August

August Classroom Calendar     


4th Grade Schedule




Open House at Carpenter

Thursday, August 18 from 4:30-6:00


First Day of School

Tuesday, August 23


2022-2023 4B Class List. 

**Please note we do have a student with a dairy allergy.  Please be considerate of this restriction when sending snacks to school.  Thank you so much for your help!

Mrs. Steph Isaac, teacher

Knox Bacon

CJ Burkle

Jaxson Chappell

Andrew Dirks

Otillie Farrowe

Joaquin Garcia

Gracen Hein

Rielle Henderson

Isaac Hovey

Jessica Jones

Robert Jones Jr

Kavan Kurth

Kennedi McNally

Brayten Moeller

Ava Moestchen

Henry Monk

Eldon Moore

Tamera Pierce-Webb

Stormy Rauch Williams

Mari Scott

Lohla Shepherd 

DJ Smith

Eden Stoneking

Luke Welker


Additional Staff in our room

Chelsea Sandin, teacher



Mrs. Audrey Green, associate

Jessie Dirks, associate

Wyatt Spence, associate 

Alexia Finefeld, associate




2022-2023 District Calendar



Type to Learn 4

go to:  Sunburst Digital

code:  161043

Username:  (individual to each student)

password:  panthers1



My email is: steph.isaac@monticello.k12.ia.us 


GWAEA  Library Catalog      https://launchpad.classlink.com/grantwood

Use the following username and password:
Carpenter Students
Username: 4446carp
Password:  gwood10

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